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Spider Powder info 

Kills Spiders, eggs & prevents webs

Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, safe around food & pets*

Contains natural Spider repellents

  • Begins killing in 24-48 hours of contact!
  • Phosphate, Petro-chemical, & Sulfate free
  • Food-Grade & Natural ingredients
  • Long-Lasting protection!

Aunt Norma's™Go away! Spider Powderprovides a safe & effective way to get rid of spiders! Sprinkle it anywhere you want to discourage closets, drawers, and even shoes! Our unique formula repels spiders wherever it is used, but kills them within 24-48 hours of contact if they don't take the hint. The natural ingredients, including Cedar, Thyme, and Geranium oils, prevent them from hiding out and making webs & laying eggs in your home.

Aunt Norma's™Go away! Spider Powder is the only non-toxic formula specifically designed to be used for spiders inside the home. It uses food-grade ingredients and is safe to use around children, food, and most pets*. The powder kills spiders and keeps them from coming back, yet it is completely non-toxic to humans. 

Directions: "Spider, Spider, go away...and don't come back another day!" Remove food, containers and clothing from the area to be treated. Liberally sprinkle on non-food surfaces and color-fast materials, cracks, crevices, windowsills, in dresser drawers, or at the spider's point of entry. Allow the residue to remain until you no longer see spiders and then vacuum or wipe up with a damp sponge; or you can safely allow the powder to remain for continued protection. Works best with Aunt Norma's™Non-Toxic Bug Spray, Non-Toxic Spider Spray, or Go away! Spider Kit

Caution: Do not inhale. Dust may cause eye & respiratory irritation. *Use care with essential oils and pets: Do not use around birds, rodents, exotic pets, or any animal with an exoskeleton.