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Go away! Bug Powder: Works on all crawling insects: Ants, Flies, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Centipedes & eErwigs, Fleas, Ticks, Lice & Bedbugs

Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, safe around Food & Pets*

Kills within 24-48 hours of contact

Food-grade Ingredients

Unlimited shelf life

Long residual action

Aunt Norma's™ Non-Toxic Go away! Bug Powder is the safest way to get rid of bugs and crawling insects...short of politely asking them to leave. Aside from the powder's ability to kill bugs that come into contact with it, we have also added natural insect repellents such as geranium & cedar oils in the formula to serve as fair warning: bugs are welcomed to elave of their own accord. If they do NOT, however, and come across the Bug Powder...well, you can't say you didn't try. It's as humane as bug-killing gets.

Aunt Norma's non-toxic Go away! Bug Powder is safe enough to use around food, children and most pets*. The safe pesticide powder is completely non-toxic to humans, yet delivers powerful bug-killing action from a single application, and offers long-lasting protection.

For Best Results: Sprinkle wherever you don't want bugs. Apply liberally to cracks, crevices, & along the run of insects or at their point of entry (kitchen counters, corners, window sills, drawers...) Allow the residue to remain until you no longer see bugs and then vacuum or wipe up with a damp sponge, or you can leave the powder to remain undisturbed for continued protection.

Caution: Do not inhale. Dust may cause eye & respiratory irritation. *Use care with essential oil and pets. In the case of accidental overdose inhalation, contact a medical professional immediately.