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How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Posted on 27 February, 2015 at 18:10

Question:  Hi- can you tell me if the Pantry Moth Spray Kills Pantry moth eggs and larvae as well as the adult moths? And also, how do you use it/ how does it work?  thnx

Aunt Norma:  Yes, it will kill any larvae and eggs that it comes into contact with.  The problem with this, though, is that because even one female moth can lay up to 300 microscopic eggs per day, it is practically impossible to get all the eggs.  The way to deal with this is through a system that I have developed that gets rid of the pantry moth infestation permanently by interrupting their breeding practices and keeping them away from any source of food.  This is best accomplished in the following steps:

1).  Clean out the cabinets and any areas where food, bird seed, or pet food is stored. 

2).  Spray Aunt Norma's Pantry moth spray to cover all areas.  Leave the cabinet doors open overnight or long enough to dry.

3).  Place any food that will be returning to the cupboard into glass airtight containers, and/ or place anything that you can in the freezer.  You want to keep any moths that will hatch in a week or so (from eggs that were not killed by the spray) from getting back into any food.  The scent of the spray deters any hatched adult moths from returning to the areas where the scent still lingers.  This is why is works in two ways:  to kill the eggs/ larvae and adult moths, and to also repel moths from returning to the food and starting the whole cycle all over again.

4).  I always recommend that my customers also use a pantry moth trap.  I sell them online (you can purchase the spray and the trap in a "Pantry Moth Kit") or you can simply pick up a trap at any major home and hardware store (like Home Depot).  The trap lures and kills adult males so that the breeding cycle will be interrupted. 

 This way, as you can see, the moth infestation doesn't stand a chance.  The other methods don't work because they only deal with the CURRENT moths, and ignore the potential for missed eggs (which can honestly be anywhere in the home... I once found some moth larvae behind the glass of a picture frame in my living room!!).  The "second round hatching" is a common reason for what is perceived as a re-infestation, when in fact is is still part of the original infestation that wasn't dealt with properly.   Aunt Norma'ssystem deals with the infestation in a more holistic way that ensures that your moths will be gone for good. 

 I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you have any more questions or if I can be of further assistance in any way.



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