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How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths Naturally

Posted on 23 January, 2015 at 13:04

Question:  Thank you for getting back to me. Last Friday I took all food out of my pantry and threw about 70% of it away. Anything that still looked okay I put in the freezer. All of my "other stuff" was put outside (we live in the Midwest and it's pretty cold out). The stuff I put outside was unwashable. For example, bills, paper towel, etc... Do you think the stuff outside will be okay if it's been in the cold for a week? I washed my entire pantry down with soap and water. I also sprayed all shelves and walls with vinegar. I didn't have any moths at the time, just the little white worms. I haven't seen any worms for 3 days now. I also plan on spraying everything down with your spray i bought too. I don't plan on putting anything back into the pantry until Sunday. Am I doing everything ok, or do you have any other suggestions? Thanks for your time!

A:  Aunt Norma:

     Sounds like you are doing great, Tracy.  Yes, I think that the items you have stored outside (as long as the temperature reaches freezing at least 3-5 consecutive days) should be OK... there IS a possibility that the eggs will go into a type of "hibernation", which sometimes happens in the colder weather, but hopefully the freezing temperatures will kill any hidden eggs.  Which brings me to another point:  You have likely gotten rid of all the adult moths INSIDE the house, and many of the worms and eggs, but be prepared for at least one final round of flying adult moths to hatch before this is said and done. 

     As you will see in the literature online and in the instructions, the way that this system works is by interrupting their breeding/ feeding/ mating, i.e., "LIFE" cycle. This process takes at least 4 weeks, as it takes about 4 weeks for a moth to hatch, pupate, and turn into adult moths.  so even just a few missed eggs (which there are guaranteed to be some, as they are microscopic in size and can literally be anywhere...) can technically start the whole cycle all over again.  This is why people have such a hard time getting rid of these pests, and why traditional treatments don't work.  The important thing is to maintain an unwelcome environment for the moths during that entire initial month after you have killed the first round of adults. This is accomplished by:

1).  Keeping the moths from laying eggs in or near the food (by storage methods and by keeping the scent of Aunt Norma's Pantry Moth Spray fresh near food storage areas, which acts as a strong moth repellent).

2). Preventing the moths from Mating(with use of a pheromone Pantry Moth Trap, which lures and kills the males).

3).  Preventing any hatched larva from feeding(again by proper food storage and cleaning so that the worms/ larvae- which is the only stage that feeds- cannot have access to any food source).

And there you have it!  If you can successfully accomplish the above steps, (and manage to NOT FREAK OUT when you are still seeing moths the first month), the buggers will be GONE before you know it.  I have many, many happy customers that have had success using my method.  Please keep me posted, and GOOD LUCK!

Thank you for your interest in Aunt Norma's.


-Aunt Norma





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