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Get Rid of Pantry Moths before the Holidays!

Posted on 24 November, 2014 at 1:23
How to get rid of pantry mothsDon't let bugs or moths ruin your Thanksgiving Dinner!  No one welcomes the idea of sitting down at the table, after hours of slaving away in the kitchen, and watching your guests' faces turn to horror as somebody finds a worm in their wild rice stuffing!  Seriously, honey, you might never live it down.  You know how cousin (fill in the blank) likes to gossip and has always been jealous of your pie crust anyways.  She's been waiting for a chance to take you down a few notches, hehe.    You can't get rid of pantry moths overnight- but you CAN make them disappear before the big day.   Aunt Norma's non-toxic bug spray and non-toxic pantry moth spray can help you put this problem to rest before it leads to disaster and holiday humiliation.   

    The problem is, once you have seen a moth or a bug in your food storage area- there are bound to be more that you haven't seen...and they aren't going to leave on their own... you are gonna have to escort them out.  It seems counter-intuitive that the bug spray they sell that has enough chemicals to kill bugs is supposedly non-toxic to humans...?  The why do I have to leave and have my pets out of the house any time the exterminator comes?  I'm just not buying it, which is why I created the Natural Pantry Moth Spray, non-toxic Bug Spray for your kitchen, and the new Bug Powder and Spider spray

Check out my advice page on how to get rid of pantry moths and bugs in the kitchen.  Good luck... or you could always pretend that your oven fizzled and you have to change the venue to someone else's house!

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