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Aunt Norma's


unusual pantry moth sources

Posted on 10 September, 2014 at 8:42
    I may have found something that you might want to put on your information page. I have been ripping things apart that I didn't suspect before and now am suspicious of something. You know the GRASS they put over the foam in artificial plants? I found some of it (a tiny bit) under my TV. It had a fresh WORM in it!!! I had always feared they were living in my real plants but repotted every single one and they aren't there. My problem starts in the front room every year, they don't reach the pantry until about a month or so according to my traps. Well anyway, I have my artificial ones in the shower under scalding hot water. I am putting bleach in the bases of them. I have a huge fireplace and 3 bookshelves on each side with a 6 ft mantle that I keep books, pictures then fill in with some artificial things because it doesn't get enough sunshine.
    I just never suspected the GRASS but have always made sure there no dried flowers, or anything like that.  I found some little decorative glass bowls and have filled with a cornmeal/boric acid mixture that I can hide behind pictures and things.
Well anyway, the fight goes on, I am in the 5th year. They will be gone by October and back in July but please God, let this be the last year.

Wanted to let people know about the grass, thanks.

Categories: pantry moths and worms in food

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