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Aunt Norma's


PAntry Moths in Cookbooks:

Posted on 28 July, 2014 at 10:38

Q:  I left out the honey, canned beans, oil & vinegar...i guess i have to put it all away?

AN:  Ok- the canned goods are ok- but you should peel off the labels or wash the cans in hot soapy water. Honey...?  You just never know but I think you could do a visual inspection and see if there are any cocoons in the lid, etc.  Oils, vinegar- should be ok.   

 Q:  What I really seem to need is another refrigerator!  Oh to redo the 1970s kitchen! 

 AN:  I know- too bad this doesn't happen in the winter when you could just put things in a bin outside!

Q:  I am completely out of freezer room,  I was going to freeze the tea/spices/grains/etc. for a week then put those in the frig and put the other stuff that didn't fit in the freezer for its week of killing the larvae.

AN:  spices are a FAVORITE place for pantry moths to hide...) In a big cheap dollar store plastic shoe box.  That way- when I examined the various bins and bags every few days- IF there was evidence of Pantry moth infestation, I could easily identify which items were the source and toss the whole bag/ container.

 Q:  I figured the frig will keep them hibernating - i hope until i have room in my freezer...

AN:  The fridge will NOT kill them, but serves the same purpose as the Ziploc and plastic containers- you can see if something's contaminated when you open the fridge if a moth flies out.

 Q:  I did do the books at 180degrees for 10 minutes…s not enough to kill them...

AN:  It remains to be seen.  I've always heard you have to go hotter- but, Jeez Louise, 180 seems plenty hot enough to kill them!  Let me know...

 Q:  I only saw old worm casings and webbing etc in the books...nothing new

AN:  Ok, be VERY careful with the cookbooks, then.. they are clearly inhabited by moths- even if the webbings looks old. 

 Q:  I sprayed as much as i could and ordered a new refill bottle today.

AN:  Have you had any luck with the traps at all?  The combo really works- but you will have to sit on it a bit... it can take awhile for the moths to die off completely- especially in the hot weather.  Keep me posted!


Categories: Get rid of pantry moths!