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Pantry Moth Traps:

Non-Toxic, safe to use around food & pets

  • Phosphate, Petrochemical, & Sulfate free
  • Contains powerful moth attractants
  • Long-Lasting protection
  • Easy to use!

Aunt Norma's™Pantry Moth Traps contain special moth pheromones that lure the male Indian meal moth, or "pantry moth" into the tent, where some sticky glue paper awaits (probably not what the horny moth was expecting...) This is a safe and pretty passive way to deal with a pantry moth infestation, for those of you who have better things to do than spend your weekend scrubbing down the spice jars with a toothbrush. Though the traps work on their own, combined with the pantry moth sprayit does a real number on the little buggers. The pantry spray and trap combo available in our Pantry Moth Kit is the fastest way to effectively get rid of a pantry moth infestation, aside from moving. Just remember to only use one trap at a time, or the silly moths will get confused & fly around aimlessly. The traps are also covered in decorative paper so they won't look so bad sitting atop your refrigerator. 

Directions: Peel off adhesive backing from inside the trap. Remove the lure from protective package insert and place where indicated on the glue paper. Fold along perforations and insert tab into slot to form a tent (with the sticky side in, genius...). Place the trap near the area of infestation, but it is NOT recommended to place the trap inside the pantry (you want to lure the moths OUT of the pantry, after all, not invite them IN for a party...) Use only one trap at a time per 30 foot radius; replace the trap when it is full. Best used on conjunction with Aunt Norma's™ non-toxic Pantry Moth Spray.

Caution: These are pretty safe and self-explanatory... I guess the only "caution" I can come up with would be not to eat the pheromone lure. Oh, and try not to stick the glue paper to yourself.